Wrap It Up Already

The difficulty now is the editing. I have manuals, a sense of style, papers, suggestions from everyone I can think of, and no desire to change a single sentence in this book of mine. I have been pushing through all the uncertainties and gotten sick enough of moping around and decided I am so anxious to publish this novel it is going to happen! I’ve gotten through almost the whole first chapter and succeeded in nearly a one-third increase, which puts me on target for a perfectly lovely sized book.

Writing is such a visceral thing, which takes you on a journey, not the other way around. To then go back and pick through that impassioned writing and see what makes the grade is one thing, but to creatively be ready with a backup that’s better than the rough draft has proved near impossible for me. It’s a delicate matter, and I’m not generally very delicate.

I of course will be hiring outside help as well, but it’s cheaper the less work they end up with, if you were wondering. Can’t wait to be selling this thing!


2 thoughts on “Wrap It Up Already

  1. Howdy and thanks for the comment and for adding me to your blogroll. I’ll get you crazy kidds on mine as soon as I get an extra minute to update the thing. I think y’all are fabulous and have had you guys on my Bloglines forever. Sadly, I’m a bit behind, but promise to catch up soon. Glad you got to go to Carnaval, looks like fun! A bit jealous, I’ll admit. {:-)

  2. At the risk of being persecuted (lol!), to write well you must “re-visit” your idea once you write the first draft. After you make your notes, you must be willing to “re-write” … exactly what it means “write again” those parts that are weak, delete, add, etc. And, then you must be willing to revise.

    Reading books on writing teach you theory. But you must be willing to practice, practice, practice, and, above all, don’t let anyone do any of those writing chores for you.

    I speak two languages, and so I’ve been able to read a story in its original English, then read it again in Spanish. Guess what? It loses in the translation, just as your work will if you let someone do what, essentially, is your responsibility. Otherwise, how are you going to master the craft of writing?

    Trust me. I know. After over 20 years in writing, I finally got close to selling my first novel (see my site), but I’ve put on the time and effort to learn the craft, and I’ve enjoyed every minute.

    Publishing isn’t easy, and the money isn’t going to come flying into your bank account as if by magic, even if you publish. If you haven’t done so already, get yourself several books on publishing. It’s a reality check for most of us.

    Overnight success? Forget it! Even F. Scott Fitzgerald was a failure with The Great Gatsby. Upon publication only 10 copies were sold, seven of which he bought. The book got panned, and only after his death did reviewers took another look and declared it a success. At that point it sold 400,000 copies.

    Who ever said writing was easy, and that getting published was easy?


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