Body Combat

Admittedly, the work out stories that I’ve mentioned pertain mainly to the classes I’ve attended at the evil Gold’s Globo Gym. That’s what I do. Hilariously, they only just now (today) noticed that my membership – which was supposed to be set up on a month to month payment – had not been paid since October. Huh.

They let me in anyway after I explained it was a little bit of their fault, and then a Mr. Manager explained to me just how many people he sees sneaking in to the place all the time. Then told me I was one of them. Grr.

Anyway…KD, D, and I decided to check out this Body Combat class. I have found most other classes pretty manageable. This one kicked my booty. I am toast. It was an entire hour of non stop activity was more intense IMHO than any jogging or whatever. I am looking forward to the Mon-Wed-Sat plan of continuing to attend this class, and fully expecting to be maybe 98 lbs. next month. Holy cow.

The drill sergeant trainer was hardcore, jump kick training, you ain’t got nothin’ on me guy who has DVDs on infomercials kind of trainer. Awesome.

*yeah, this guy*

Only bad things were the gym and class being packed and running into people we didn’t want to see on account of that. But hey, can’t win ’em all!

2 thoughts on “Body Combat

  1. and by masochist, I meant this definition

    “Pleasure in being abused or dominated : a taste for suffering”

    not this definition

    “A sexual perversion characterized by pleasure in being subjected to pain or humiliation especially by a love object”

    just to clarify.

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