Happy Birthday!!

So I know it’s been a little crazy over here at somegosoftly, but there’s been so much going on!!

It’s been a lot of fun reliving my trip through the little posts about it. To be sure, there’s so much more that there aren’t words for, everything was so beautiful and life changing. There’s not enough room for all the pictures, MK took 1800!! I should be caught up in a day or two…

The trip really inspired me to be more positive and a better listener. It was funny to come home so anxious to tell everyone about the trip, but instead to let them go on and on about what I missed in their lives while I was away. Maybe it was good timing for a decision like that.

It was great to get home in one piece, and we made it literally 30 minutes before there was ice on the roads. We got home and bought the last gallon of milk and bag of pasta (seriously) in the store and rushed home. It gave us a chance to recuperate before having to do anything, us being trapped at home for two days.

I was close to a nervous breakdown about how I couldn’t go out on my birthday without getting my hair and nails done, but thankfully it defrosted Thursday – just in time! – and I got “done up”. Thursday I ended up going out with WB and Snippy, et al. We went to a silly bar downtown but had a pretty good time.

So Friday was the big birthday, and I didn’t feel like doing anything, so I didn’t. That was kind of nice. KE and KE brought me to Sherlock’s, which was the perfect place to be on a birthday where you feel a little old for the first time, we were the youngest ones there. Snippy met us up and we laughed at the band and the dancers, and, well, everything. I ended up having a good time.

Saturday I couldn’t figure out what to do but KD suggested Vivo, a great choice. There were about 10 of us that then met up with some other friends at Whisky Bar. It was actually one of my best birthdays.

img_2662.jpg img_2663.jpg

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