The Last Day

San Fran was freezing when we got in. We showered up, and hey, in true hard core fashion, took the BART from the airport back into town and went to a bar with the Ryans. It was as though the month hadn’t hardly passed at all. We told them about the trip, and got to the bar just in time to see the Pats game. The bar we went to must have been owned by a Boston transplant, it was like being back home.

The bar also might be the coolest, as it was Sunday. You order a Bloody Mary, and they hand you a little vodka in a big glass. Huh? The bartender pointed me to the end of the bar. It was a MAKE YOUR OWN BLOODY MARY station. Yes!!

san fran at night

All the good stuff: olives, celery, tomato juice, Tabasco, horseradish, celery salt, pepper, etc. etc. etc. Best idea. Ever.

And the Pats won, just barely, and we had some food and some good times. It was a fantastic end to a wonderful trip. We were ready to get back to Austin.


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