A Few Of My Favorite Things

Today started out at a tour of a castle. I like castles. I’m pretty sure it’s the only one in NZ, and it was way too crowded to hear the whole story, only that the guy that built it cheated on his wife, she died, he remarried, and she cheated on him. With his son. Typical of people with castles. The views were spectacular and the whole castle was very nice. There are people that live in it, not sure where, so it was pretty big. The daughter got a ball room as an addition to the house for her 18th birthday. I think I got braces. Hmpf.

castle.jpg castle-view.jpg

After the castle, a tour of a brewery. I bet you think I’ve been on thousands of these already, but it was my first! The brewery had a good little story, besides most of it burning down. Then, they put you in a room. Speights, the beer of the south, has these commercials, that I couldn’t understand a word of. It’s all about being a real southern man. Which means using the thickest accent possible. But, from what I had explained later, they were pretty funny. Most importantly – on to the beer drinking. They let us have whatever we wanted. And, hey, I went with a guy that ‘s not that into beer, so I got doubles. The beer was great, and they even let me pour my own.

beer.jpg beer2.jpg

Our last tour before we were on our own for the night was of a place called the Ovelston house, which two people built early 1900, the daughter that inherited never changed anything, and then donated it to the country. It was a riot, very lavish and all put together old fashioned like. It was probably very funny due to the preceding brewery tour – that a male couple kept getting yelled at for touching things they weren’t supposed to…

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