Bad Weather, Part Two

If you and I have anything in common, you might agree with me that when it rains, you’d rather call it a day and read a book and have some wine, at the very least stay indoors. If you’re not like me, then it’s perfectly fine to go on a boat cruise of the Akaroa Harbour in the fog and the rain.


I did get to venture out momentarily to see some Hector’s dolphins, apparently one of the smallest types, and a calf and everything. It was as nice as it could be considering, but I was glad when it was over.


Of course, it cleared up after we were done and we were able to spend some time looking in the little art galleries and shops and have a pretty great lunch at a local restaurant that actually served pasta – I think that was a first for me – and headed back to our B&B. They did their Happy Hour again and we talked with all the visitors, who besides us, were all from the UK. It was very interesting to hear about how they were unhappy with things there and wanting to find a new place to live. One coupled had actually just moved to another part of NZ permanently and were telling us about what that was like. You know, in case we were considering it…


Some Start A Conversation! Do it! I dare you!

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