ABC Owes Me A Day

It’s worse than sabotage! ABC has an internet website where you can watch TV. I’ve seen episodes of, well, everything. There’s only like two commercials an episode, and it’s like crack and I can’t stop.

TV on the internet. I love it. All caught up.


Since that took up most of my morning, okay, and afternoon, I’ll be attempting the unthinkable – 10,000 words in 5 hours. I know it won’t happen, but we’ll all see how close I get.

I’m leaving for Vegas tomorrow, and we all know that’s the beginning of the end when it comes to this book, finishing – or at least getting ahead- early is crucial.

I’ll keep you posted. I think my average has been about 1,000 words an hour, and so I guess if I make it half way to my goal I’ll have to be pleased.

We’ll see!!!

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