Almost Famous

So if you saw the Sunday paper, there was an article about the local meetings that the NaNoer’s in Austin have been having. If you even followed that story to J3, you saw the back of my head. I forgot to mention this episode because I forgot the article had even come out, until someone told me. Funniest thing is, it’s some blond hair, which I no longer have. So say I’m at a public event, NO ONE WILL EVEN be like, “Hey isn’t that the beautiful back – of – a – girls – head that you were studying all day Sunday into the evening?” I won’t even be noticed, never mind asked for an autograph. So ALAS, Austin American-Statesmen, you have failed me. And your audience, who would have loved to see more of me.

*Cues someone singing “You look better from behind” * (Mom, that’s a rap song.)

So I’m a little sad about that.

And, I got almost half way to where I wanted to be with my book before I left, so I have to be happy about that. My computer couldn’t keep up with me last night, I thought it might over heat and explode, so I let it be and turned it off a little earlier than I had planned.

I will talk to you in four days!! Until then…peruse all three months of archives to make me feel good about myself. 😉

austin american statesman


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