Answer To Previous Post: YES.

Mom wasn’t even concerned that I might-have-ever-so-subtly referred to her as a ‘redneck’. Or that I have a blog. Or that family antics make the blog. I let her know about Snippy’s comment that at least it wasn’t a yard sale, and she said “That story about the BIRDS should be on you blog”.

I’m not even sure how to TELL this story, as talking to my mom just changed the beginning.

What I thought happened: Dad told us kids that it was hot in the house, and the birds (two little stupid things I can’t remember why we had in the first place) were making a lot of noise due to the window being open and the racket of people in the yard checking out all his mirrors with beer logos on them. He brought the birds outside, and some lady offered him so much money for them and the cage she thought was antique that he had no choice but to sell the birds.

What Mom just told me REALLY happened: Dad hates the birds, they go outside, they get sold, Dad is happy.

Sneaky parents, sneaky.

yard sale


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