Somebody Bumped Their Head…

So I spent the last few days on a trip for work. Albuquerque and Santa Fe were beautiful. What’s not to love about 30 degrees cooler than Texas? However, I still managed to mess up my trip by fainting and cracking my head open on a granite counter top. I was in the bathroom, after my shower, and the toothpaste isn’t talkin’, so we’ll never know what really happened there.

The first night I got in, we went to dinner at a restaurant called Sadie’s that had suspiciously clear Mexican Martinis that were heaven. (Dare I say better than Trudy’s? Why yes, yes I do!) The meal even CAME with complimentary sopapillas. (shame on me!)

The next night we drove about an hour to Santa Fe – worth it, Albuquerque isn’t all that happenin’…it was incredible. The views were really breathtaking, I haven’t used that term and meant it this much ever!


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