Sasquatch By Numbers

The thing that is so hard about Sasquatch, you see, is that it was awesome. I want to brag and brag. But I’ve been kept from that, because I can not tell a blog lie. There were also things that made me want to fire whoever was in charge. Here are some facts:

Five Good Things

  1. Camping at Wildhorse, not the event space
  2. Sleeping the drive out there
  3. A highly entertaining kite with a string full of empty beer cans
  4. Ghostland Observatory, Bjork, Spoon, Interpol
  5. The hot sun and happy smiling faces

Five Bad Things

  1. Day Two – waiting in line
  2. Day Two – waiting in wind for music
  3. Aziz Ansari
  4. 10$ beers, and hamburger diet (good thing – nippers)
  5. Nearly fainting (good thing – KD saving my life)

It really was split down the middle for me. We were constantly comparing to ACL (we’re so spoiled) – it wasn’t as hot – good, there was a line – bad. There’s more. Our group had the only members of the “no shirt club” that weren’t gross. There were crazies everywhere. We drank Sparks, version 2.0, which I didn’t know existed. The boys got in the zero degree water. I slept like a log. On the ground. MK had SB’s Sasquatch shirt on. It was windy. Oh, I mentioned that. We snuck in beers, and vodka. We danced, we partied til the break of dawn. Come on party people, is that so wrong?

Get it?…

The venue was beautiful, but difficult to get good sound. There was Luca Libre wrestling (where you could find MK at any given moment). Sarah Silverman also sucked. AC and I did the worm and the pencil roll on the hill.

Here’s the list of bands I saw: Two Gallants, Ghostland Observatory, Grizzly Bear, Tokyo Police Club, The Blow, The Hold Steady, Neko Case, Bad Brains, The Long Winters, Spoon, Manu Chao, The Arcade Fire, Interpol, Bjork, Beastie Boys.

That is to the best of my recollection, those with me may disagree.
I am missing so much. It was a crazy weekend. And a good weekend. And I can’t complain.

And if you CLICK HERE – you can see the pictures!!



Keeping Y’all Waiting

This weekend was…well, what was it? There was drama, action, adventure, team sports, debauchery, food, drinks, camping, music. And I’m still too tired to tell you all about it. Blogging is about the last thing on my mind right now, even though I feel like I owe you – I see those stats dropping…you’re sitting, waiting patiently for the Sasquatch 2007 recap. I honestly don’t know where to start. So give me some more time to think about it, K? I’m sure I’ll come around. Here’s a picture of thugs with beers to tide you over:


We’re already having a better time than you! This is going to be the best weekend ever! Yesterday is the longest day of my life. AC and I were up at six (in the morning), after picking her up at the airport the night before, driving through the city, and wine on the roof. It was glorious yesterday. We walked down to the water and down the trails that I take to run. We walked up and back through the market to get a glimpse, but it was still too early. We went home and got ready to go back out. I learned what shop till you drop really means, we were out all afternoon and at our late lunch it was tough to get back up out of the booth. We took her to Kerry Park, the best view of the city that I’ve seen yet. Back home we cooked out on the roof and had general fantastic times. My favorite guy in the building spent some time giving us Sasquatch tips. Of course, besides all this general information, was the guy that rapped to me about my shirt, the Andes Mountain band and dancers, the gutter punks, the tights debacle, the America’s Next Top Model photo shoot, the dying puppy, and the girly-let’s-play-dress-up that ensued when we got home with new clothes.

Unfortunately, since the day was so long, we decided to take a very brief little nap to regain our stamina. Which means I was reading a book, when RD called to let us know the day was going to be longer – his plane was delayed (he says the official announcement was ‘the plane is broken, we’re getting a new one’). That was around 9, and we got him at about 1. So I’m on maybe two hours sleep, I’ve already made breakfast, and when KD gets here, she won’t be able to see the floor of the living room. It’s a zoo of excitement. We’re coming back here for mimosas, we’ll run around the city, go to a cookout, and stay out as long as we can knowing it’s a three hour road trip to the Gorge tomorrow. Whoa.

Here We Go

Cleaning 100 square feet shouldn’t be taking this long, but we don’t own a vacuum. I’m getting creative. Flapping the floor mats outside on the balcony is way more funny when you are 16 stories up. We have RD and AC coming in tomorrow night, and KD the next morning. LC and RD too, of SXSW fame, but they’re staying with another friend. Which is really good, due to the 100 square feet. We’re going to rock paper scissors for the couch, guys…

The weather has been pretty crappy for the last two days, so I’m hoping it gets over it when they arrive so we can run around like little crazies. Even though MK and I don’t have this whole place figured out, there are those things we have seen that we know we have to share. And there’s so little time! SH has so kindly invited us for a cookout, and then we’re taking our mini road trip out to Sasquatch. I’m even relieved to inform you no one will be ‘sleeping under the stars’, we’ve all got our tents and thermal undies ready to go.

As always, I promise to take great notes and get back to you, even if you don’t hear from me until next Wednesday, think gladly about how much fun you know I must be having. I am on my way to shop for the necessities:

fridge of beer

Astute Readers

Truth be told, I wasn’t really scared to move, just wondering how two people with stay at home ‘jobs’ would meet new people. The recent deluge of mail and phone calls has let me know that there will, indeed, not be a weekend over the next six months where we will not have a visitor, so that won’t matter.

I’m calling shenanigans. People always say they will come and visit, but then make up excuses and no show. I, on the other hand, will be driving through Denver to see my bestest buddy, for sure. And there’s this one little lady I have a feeling will make it up there, because, crap, this is a great lineup for a music festival:

Sasquatch Festival

And jeez, how could you NOT go to something named the Sasquatch Festival? Not much can beat Austin City Limits Festival, but LOOK AT THIS VIEW:

sasquatch view