Sasquatch By Numbers

The thing that is so hard about Sasquatch, you see, is that it was awesome. I want to brag and brag. But I’ve been kept from that, because I can not tell a blog lie. There were also things that made me want to fire whoever was in charge. Here are some facts:

Five Good Things

  1. Camping at Wildhorse, not the event space
  2. Sleeping the drive out there
  3. A highly entertaining kite with a string full of empty beer cans
  4. Ghostland Observatory, Bjork, Spoon, Interpol
  5. The hot sun and happy smiling faces

Five Bad Things

  1. Day Two – waiting in line
  2. Day Two – waiting in wind for music
  3. Aziz Ansari
  4. 10$ beers, and hamburger diet (good thing – nippers)
  5. Nearly fainting (good thing – KD saving my life)

It really was split down the middle for me. We were constantly comparing to ACL (we’re so spoiled) – it wasn’t as hot – good, there was a line – bad. There’s more. Our group had the only members of the “no shirt club” that weren’t gross. There were crazies everywhere. We drank Sparks, version 2.0, which I didn’t know existed. The boys got in the zero degree water. I slept like a log. On the ground. MK had SB’s Sasquatch shirt on. It was windy. Oh, I mentioned that. We snuck in beers, and vodka. We danced, we partied til the break of dawn. Come on party people, is that so wrong?

Get it?…

The venue was beautiful, but difficult to get good sound. There was Luca Libre wrestling (where you could find MK at any given moment). Sarah Silverman also sucked. AC and I did the worm and the pencil roll on the hill.

Here’s the list of bands I saw: Two Gallants, Ghostland Observatory, Grizzly Bear, Tokyo Police Club, The Blow, The Hold Steady, Neko Case, Bad Brains, The Long Winters, Spoon, Manu Chao, The Arcade Fire, Interpol, Bjork, Beastie Boys.

That is to the best of my recollection, those with me may disagree.
I am missing so much. It was a crazy weekend. And a good weekend. And I can’t complain.

And if you CLICK HERE – you can see the pictures!!


4 thoughts on “Sasquatch By Numbers

  1. Why is it that I’ve been waiting for like a month for this post?

    I’m glad you had fun! Austin misses you! I miss you!!

    And Justin is here for the summer and we talked about the time we went to Waterloo after the casting special…


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