From Pinterest

I love social media. Things are always evolving.

But it can be too much sitting in front of a computer and not enough doing stuff.


I can only waste time flipping around Pinterest (oohing and aahing over things I CAN’T do, like pretty wedding photos – no fair) if I actually use it for a benefit.

My main interests from that site so far have been hairdos and FOOD. Some recipes are quick and easy. I’ve tried to cook from the internet and typically prefer cookbooks, but some Pinterest recipes are great for how idiot proof they are.

I made this

And I could post all my pics but WHO HAS TIME so my review is:

I didn’t use corn. It was delicious. It is my hubby’s new fave food. It is a classier version of a hamburger helper.

Give it a go!

Stay tuned for more things off Pinterest that I ACTUALLY DO – and tell me:

Have you done anything from the site?


5 Minute Meals

My favorite of all the cooking is the quick and easy that tastes like more than a grilled cheese. Some quick is just too lame. I’m not going to advertise that I cook Hamburger Helper, even if I do.

Some of these recipes, though, are awesome.

One was nothing more than Udon noodles, Sriracha, and vegetable soup mix. Boil some water, make a meal. Nice.

One was a McCormick package called Recipe Inspirations, where they give you all the spices you need to make the meal in the right measurements. Talk about smart inventions. Wish I had thought of it. I made the Apple and Sage pork chops, and I’m pretty sure it was the best easy meal I’ve ever had.

The other picture is a mashed potato taco from Sam the Cooking Guy. Which I could eat every day for the rest of my life. Corn tortilla. Mashed potato. Toppings. Yum!!

Tuscan Chicken Stew

The stew-iness isn’t apparent, but the food was delicious. It thickened up to a point I thought it’d be better just on a plate, then I wrestled with some quinoa.

I think the problem is the high elevation – it always needs twice as much water and twice as long to cook. I added garlic butter and Parmesan, which has made it the easiest to eat as a side dish so far.

The photo was only getting brightness on the chicken chunks and so all I could do was laugh after wrestling with the food to have to wrestle with the camera as well.


I always like cooking, I just never learned how. Or tried, I guess. MB and JB got me some cookbooks a little while back, and so this summer is my summer of making good food. We have mostly quit eating out as much as is possible when that’s all anyone can think of to go do…and I’ve already started making some great stuff.

The first recipe I followed from the cool cookbooks was for Honey Garlic Spareribs.

They came out awesome even though at first I thought it was a lost cause – I couldn’t even cut them up right.