5 Minute Meals

My favorite of all the cooking is the quick and easy that tastes like more than a grilled cheese. Some quick is just too lame. I’m not going to advertise that I cook Hamburger Helper, even if I do.

Some of these recipes, though, are awesome.

One was nothing more than Udon noodles, Sriracha, and vegetable soup mix. Boil some water, make a meal. Nice.

One was a McCormick package called Recipe Inspirations, where they give you all the spices you need to make the meal in the right measurements. Talk about smart inventions. Wish I had thought of it. I made the Apple and Sage pork chops, and I’m pretty sure it was the best easy meal I’ve ever had.

The other picture is a mashed potato taco from Sam the Cooking Guy. Which I could eat every day for the rest of my life. Corn tortilla. Mashed potato. Toppings. Yum!!


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