House Decorating!

MK’s Dad, brother and sister are going to be here soon. So we’ve been touching up a ton of little things on the house all week. It’s been a lot of work. No one likes going through their house pointing out what’s wrong with it, what they missed, what they did that isn’t so hot. Lots of paint retouching, hanging some art, cleaning mistakes up here and there. It can take time. But we did finally get around to some projects we’ve been putting off.

Mostly, it involved curtains. Curtains I swore I’d never put up, then got tricked into putting up. I’m glad I did, they look awesome. The master bedroom is SO almost done, same for the guest room. One or two more pieces of art.

Outside, MK raised the border on the flower bed in the front. As you can see in the pictures, that was pretty intense.

 Our home decorating photos – still in progress.


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