Taco Tuesday Torture

You know we are big old fans of Taco Tuesday. We don’t eat out all the time, and when we do it’s virtually impossible for me to finish a huge serving size of anything. So we end up doing small snacky things and appetizers. Taco Tuesday is a cheap way for me to get a little snack and MK to eat as much as he can. We went on the prowl for some yummy cheap eats on Tuesday night. We started at Windy Ridge. I had one 2$ taco, MK had 2$ taquitos, but the margaritas were 4.75. MK remembered Davanza’s did tacos, so we went there, and were told they DON’T do tacos. Pfft.

We had a drink at Easy Street, which was DELICIOUS and NOT CHEAP. MK wanted more food so we tried a new place called Reyes Adobe. They didn’t have a bar. The call themselves a restaurant and margarteria or some crap and didn’t have a bar. In Utah that means you HAVE to order food to get a drink. We should have left. The taco MK got was gross, the tortilla soup I had to get was gross, and the drinks were even more gross.

The soup was like pureed rice in tomato broth. I gagged it was so bad. Kind of a bust, we won’t be going back there! We learned we should have just stayed where we were.

In other news of the day, I thought Momm would like to see what the mountains look like:

And we ran in to TB and the kids and went back to their place with them to visit for a bit. It was super exciting because I forcibly got MK to hold the baby:

We went to O’Shucks and had a drink with MH and watched the Celtics suck. It was kind of a 45 hour day.


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