We know how to make them. MK did an amazing job finishing out a small three walled closet space in the master bath. I just did the corner beading and joints. I need a superstar badge.

We found this space behind a wall that we were investigating. The best part? A hole in the wall. Like, from the inside to the outside. At first I thought we had a peeping tom of some sort… but it was behind some insulation so I survived the initial shock of MK showing it to me.

It got closed up. Can you believe it?

We can now use the space for shelving and the old shelves can get torn down when we move the shower – giving us more room for a bigger shower! We also get to install a new fan and lights.

As a matter of fact, MK doing the walls took some time, and we’ve been living without a toilet in our master bath. We figured the walls could be done easier without the toilet in the way. So we get to put a toilet in now too! That one I’m a little nervous about.


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