I Might Miss My BlackBerry

Let me know if you can help…


Five Things I Can’t Figure Out How To Do On My Android:

  1. Cut and paste, like from a text to the address book.
  2. Send a message on Facebook
  3. Get my browser to stay on the page I want it to.
  4. Send a DM on Seesmic. 
  5. Set a ringtone from the phone as an alert.

4 thoughts on “I Might Miss My BlackBerry

  1. I may be late to chime in, but to answer some concerns. The fb app doesn’t have inbox. Go to fb in your browser and bookmark the inbox. Great thing is fb did a great job of making a mobile browser site. I like it more than the app.

    If you keep loosing your page in the browser, check that it didn’t just open a new window and your old page is still there.

    Get google voice, it does visual vm and transcribe your vm to text. And its free. Forget calling in for vm!

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