Half and Half

For house projects two and three, we decided to paint the utility room and buy me some bookshelves.

What is a Utah utility room you wonder? Well, Mormons believe something like there will be an Apocalypse but they fail (this is my understanding only haha) and have to keep food for a year for each family member in their house. Some people have unfinished cold storage rooms in their house. Ours got finished and the previous owner used it is a warm workshop alternative to the garage. It’s as big as a 5th bedroom, but no windows. Someday we hope to have our laundry in it, so we wanted to paint it pretty.

MK went to the store, bought paint in 10 seconds, and got some brushes. We put newspaper down after cleaning the floor and pulling up the trim. The walls were white with patch marks showing that needed to be covered. MK basically picked a slightly darker shade of white. When we were done with coat one, we realized the texture on the walls made it really hard to get all the wall covered. So back to the store for coat number two can of paint, and paper to put down not of the news variety since the print made our feet and the floor black. Learn as you go.

Not sure why, but we’ve been made fun of for this second coat. I mean, it had to be done. Now our walls look nice and we could put all our storage crap in the room. Even thought we haven’t replaced the trim yet. Or the faceplates. Whatever. Next.

I am a nerd. Nerds have tons of books. I have no shelves. Solution: Ikea. We got two giant and super easy to assemble cases. That room needs to be painted but oh well, at least the books aren’t on the floor. Nerds hate the poor treatment of sacred books.


8 thoughts on “Half and Half

  1. I love the bookcases! And, I’m super impressed that you removed the trim to paint. Are you putting back the old trim or replacing it with new (a project I desperately want to do in my house!)?

  2. That’s the same crap I have throughout. GROSS. Have you decided what you’re replacing it with? I want big, fat, artsy craftsyish trim. . . and I want it all along the floor. . . and framing all of the doors & windows. Maybe I’ll come help you guys do yours so I’ll feel competent enough to do mine. . .

  3. The bookshelves look great! I really like them side by side, too. What meanies made fun of your especially thorough paint job in the utility room? It looks great. 🙂

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