Park City: Home?

MK sent me last week to Park City to look at some houses. Mostly everyone thought this was crazy, but I took a lot of pictures, and yes, he would trust me enough to buy a place that I loved without him seeing it. At least I thought so – so far no place…even though JM showed me more than enough – I’m in love with two houses and three condos!

Anyway, TB picked me up and we house hunted for two whole days, hung out in the cool mountain air, checked out downtown and the Deer Valley Resort, which was breathtaking in the summer! I loved seeing everyone out hiking and biking. I had a wonderful time with my lovely hosts. I got to eat at my favorite place, Davanza’s. SB even told me she didn’t want me to leave, and that MK and I needed to hurry up and be done at the beach.

Here are some pictures!


3 thoughts on “Park City: Home?

  1. Great pictures! So pretty, even with the haze from the CA fires. Wish you could have been here on a clear day.

    Whatever you two decide, you’ll always have a place to stay here in PC.

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