Surviving A Melee

What is the craziest thing that you’ve ever been in the middle of? I haven’t run with the bulls or anything, but this one time…

We had just made some friends in Seattle (finally!) and they invited us out to a couple bars. I of course don’t remember the name of the last place we were at but someone in the group was hungry so we went to a pizza place/bar with good pitcher deals that served food until 1am.

We were hanging around minding our own business when a couple big dudes walked in. I went to the bathroom as they were asking to be served food, but it was after 1am. When I got back the scene had escalated and the dudes were shouting at the young, small guy that worked there to get them some food. Everything had been put away, he explained, and cleaned, so there wasn’t anything to make. Sorry.

The dudes proceeded to start wrecking the place. They threw things from the counter all around and knocked a giant plant over rather clsoe to us, signaling for us to try to find a way out, but we had to pay, and the dudes were blocking the exit.

There was a kitchen pass-through window that held a hundred or so of those giant Feista wear plates (you know – this kind – they weigh a ton!):

The dudes went totally completely insane and started shoving these to the ground, smashing and ruining all of them. All of us were totally there jaws-dropped style wondering if that was the worst of it or if we were all going to be shot because these guys didn’t get any pizza. Thankfully, they left after the dishwasher or someone said they called the cops. It was kind of silly and we laughed about it later, but for a minute there we were all kinda scared, not knowing if it was going to escalate.

Anything like that ever happen to you?


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