Updated to add:

As you see to the right, Worpress updated and added a Twitter widget! Now either click the link “Some Twitter” to see that page or view the updates in the sidebar. W00t!

There’s nothing like listening in. Maybe it’s not even on purpose, but someone speaks out so loudly you can’t help but hear. Especially in a big crowd. At SXSW last year, one of my moves was “That’d make a good band name” if we all heard a silly comment out of context. Or sharing with the group if it was worth repeating. A personal fave of mine would be LC’s eyes going mega wide if we heard the same hilarity.

One SXSW feature this year is a compiled site from PepsiCo called Twitter Visualizations. It lets you know what people are doing, where they are and even if there’s a line to get in the party you’re headed to.

My favorite part by far is the Overheard section. By putting OH in front of the Twitter message – you know someone couldn’t believe their ears and needed to share. There’s nothing funnier than hearing something that makes you wonder about the stranger standing next to you. Except maybe immediately writing it up and sharing it. 😉

I’ve enjoyed “Breakfast is the most important taco of the morning”

“Can we “crash” the Microsoft party?” (get it…?)


“How do you get BBQ sauce off your iPhone?”

twitter OH

Updated to add:

As you see to the right, there’s a link for you to find and follow me. Not much up yet but next week should be fun. Between Twitter,  Facebook and this blog, I’m so out there!

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7 thoughts on “Overheard

  1. KD – the way I understand it, if you’re not already following me, it wouldn’t matter, right? I want to sign up to ensure my screen name, but honestly don’t think I’m tech savvy enough.
    Craig – ugh.

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