Only I would find the way to be a worse skier after all this skiing. The last few days have been murder. Not only are my knees all jacked up and my legs all wobbly, but I’m straight up embarrassing myself with my company. I mean, I knew I’d most likely be the worse of anyone that came to visit, and they’re here for the snow, not for me, but man. I could get down anything last week – I was doing blacks! Now, I’m about ready to head back the the bunny slopes and relearn the snow plow. It’s like something broke and I’m not smart enough to fix it.

I hope it’s just exhaustion. I hope I’m going to be fine. This week was more days skiing than ever total before in my life, I hope that’s the problem. But taking yesterday off wasn’t enough. I got out there and had another horrible morning, didtching WB and MK to enjoy the day while I wobbled home. To blog to you about my inability. Thanks for letting me vent. Now if only you could correct my form.

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