This Is Just A Tribute

So today I went ahead and did what I’ve been trying to since 05Nov. I got my In-Loving-Memory-Gone-But-Not-Forgotten-Sarah-Palin-Tribute-To-Freedom haircut.

That’s right, I’m now rocking a blunt cut of brown poofy in front if you want an updo and holy crap I haven’t seen short little bangs like this since I was twelve look. It’s pretty thrilling. I’m even wearing my glasses right now, and liking them for the first time. That’s how they roll up in Wasilla. I’m down.

All kidding aside, I’m not sure why bangs seemed like a good idea. They are freaking adorable, but they will only get in my goggles and get wet and then freeze all winter. They might not make it.

I drove myself in to the Valley (what people of higher *elevation* call SLC) for this ‘do. You can basically coast in neutral the whole way down, but coming up honestly feels like you’re pushing the car yourself. It feels like work. And we all know how not good at THAT I am!

Does Mormon land give me foreign policy experience?


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