Wasatch Weekend

We got to drive almost to Mirror Lake, near the top of Wasatch National Park. I say almost because at 9000 feet elevation or so we met up with some icy roads and were forced to turn back. That was further than we expected to get and the pictures will show you that we got to see quite a bit anyways. The views headed out of town of Deer Valley and into the forest were great.

Then we headed downtown to explore, and MK let me get closer than ever to crazy Mormon land. We checked out Trolley Square, which will someday be a great little shopping district.

Sunday was the funniest day in a long time. Considering MK works hard for the money he hasn’t had to do too much before. But this is a big house. So he had to help clean some things and replace some light bulbs I couldn’t reach. These two things (and maybe watching me do the laundry, dishes, kitchen cleaning, and floor mopping) wiped him out. He still may not be prepared for the concept of home ownership. Or at least upkeep. Wait until tomorrow, when I force him into stringing our Christmas lights. 🙂

Here are the pictures.

someday we'll ski here


2 thoughts on “Wasatch Weekend

  1. Sounds like Utah is treating you well. Don’t let MK convince you that he needs a 2nd wife – unless she’s hot & is a gourmet chef/personal trainer, of course! XOXO

  2. It has been interesting to say the least. I’m researching the rules on how many husbands I can have – I need one to do the man around the house stuff, as mentioned…

    You realize we’re only 8 driving hours apart? Come visit!

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