Good For Everybody

BB and MK are in the same business. And business is good these days. In all sorts of ways. BB is getting famous, and not from repeated blog mentions! TB and I are in the same business – having fun and getting skinny. Business is picking up. 😉

It’s not just waiting for the skiing and the guests and the friends that’s fun, it’s right here and now. I’ve been working on that and enjoying every morning I wake up to coffee in my big house, and every night MK falls asleep in front of a fire. I’ve enjoyed working on my all but horrific pool game. And finding my way around a new place. Hanging out with the world’s cutest kid is good. I’ve learned a lot from some great parents about what the future could hold. My kids just won’t be allowed to go to the zoo. Even if they are cute.

So that shot glass I bought MK today as a joke, the one I was going to use as my outgoing message tagline, that says “Eat drink and be merry, you might end up in Utah” well, that’s funny and all to joke about, but it’s not so bad here. In fact, it’s pretty amazing.

I mean, I saw three moose yesterday. I didn’t get a picture of them, but I did catch the snow-bow.

snowbow is a rainbow when it's snowing...

Beat that. 😉


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