October is a hilarious month around here. By around here, I mean around me. MK’s birthday. CH’s birthday, and now BB’s birthday. Pumpkins are exciting, and this post that I put up last year is very popular. I can’t tell what it is that you search on google that pulls me up, but I had more hits last October to this blog that all of the first year’s worth of posts.

So before I even put anything up today, I see this giant arch up in my blog stats. The market may be tanking, but my value is epic this month. 😉 Somegosoftly likes October, it creates self worth.

We are taking a trip tomorrow, a trip that has a funny story. The last time I tried to do this trip, I canceled it all and virtually moved out. For a reason we no longer remember. But still. This trip is a dangerous trip. So since we’ve never been on this trip, we’ve decided to do what no one’s ever done after flying somewhere they’ve never been: nothing.

That’s right, for MK’s BIG ***3-0*** we are planning on doing nothing. He hates sight seeing. Not gonna do it. He hates touristy stuff. Not gonna do it. He hates big fancy dinners. Not gonna have one. We got a giant GIANT room and we are going to sit in it. It has a media center fancier than anything. We might play Xbox all week. Who knows. We have some friends that we’ve tried to prepare. As in “you can come hang out, but if you’re gonna do stuff, well, we aren’t.” They seem down, so we might hang in PJ pants and drink wine and eat birthday cake and watch football – well, I might sneak in football if MK naps. I’m almost jealous of this birthday.


5 thoughts on “October

  1. “and now BB’s birthday” — did BB move it? If so, I want to move mine. Having a bday so close to Christmas means all my presents come in a 3 month lump. I need to space it out more.

    And as for doing nothing, I’ll leave it to Peter Gibbons, who summed it up best:
    “I did nothing. I did absolutely nothing, and it was everything that I thought it could be.”

  2. As in, another new friend. Very funny. It is the same day as yours – you should get your own.
    I’ll call you every day when we’re doing nothing. We might not have that much to talk about, but , oh well.

  3. Birthdays are for doing whatever the heck you want!! More power to you little brother!! Have a great one!!

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