Not Enough Time

After the Comic Con excitement wore down (more pictures, click here! – I totally forgot to say I ran into my buddy Brian Posehn again) MK’s little bro, my little Brother-In-Law, took one of those 48 hour flights from FL to check out the West Coast.

Reuniting the brothers is a little like having twins of hilarious not funny around. Add BB to the picture, and well, there was a paper airplane contest. And a punching bag contest. Beach day after beach day. Surfing, snorkeling, boogie boarding, eating, drinking, dancing and clubbing. For the short trip BIL had, he did just about everything. There are a ton of pics up here and here that I think you can see if you have Facebook (correct me if I’m wrong, but I really don’t want to put them all up…)

We played volleyball too. And went to the hardest to get in to night club downtown. And we all thought it was super lame, which was hilarious. We partied at the Hard Rock hotel and stayed up later than I have in forever! We saw a band and did the Farmer’s Market and had some great wine.

After BIL left, we also had to say goodbye to our close friends BB and MB, who are moving on to bigger and better things but still broke our hearts by moving away. We had a giant dinner out and got sent home with all the stuff they refused to take with them, which it was hilarious to be on the receiving end of for the first time.


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