The Expensive Dark Knight

Story One from guest one, JM, besides the usual (shark snorkeling, cove snorkeling, pigging out, beaching it, SHOPPING) is our little trip to see The Dark Knight. Batman rules, of course, but definitely rules MORE when you go to In-N-Out Burger first. Then get popcorn. And Coke (zero…). But the super baddest Batman feature was that we saw it in IMAX.

There was quite a line and it did sell out but our seats were fine. The only thing I remember seeing in IMAX is the story of the Alamo, so this was pretty great. There were six scenes that were filmed IN IMAX, which is awesome even though I have no idea what that means. JM even had to point out which ones they were (the screen got bigger).

The only shocking part of this to me – and remember, I’m all for high gas prices and don’t have any reason yet to complain about the economy – was that the tickets were 15$ a piece!!!

Well, Joker, 15$ is a lot of money. That’s why.


One thought on “The Expensive Dark Knight

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