Mostly Closed

The thinking man’s game.


Five Reasons I Don’t Own My Own Business:

1. Lack of motivation
2. Would give too much away free
3. The saying the “Customer is always right” makes my brain hurt
4. Requires dealing with employees
5.The average net profit of a sole proprietor: About $11.

good business hours


3 thoughts on “Mostly Closed

  1. Speaking as a business owner, #1 is certainly a serious issue, but #2 is something that gets better with time (if you can conquer #1). #3, depending on the type of business, is usually flat-out wrong (particularly if you’re in a business that requires some sort of credentialing–as a lawyer, my customers are not always right at all). #4 also depends on the type of business, but sometimes employees aren’t so bad. As for #5, I REALLY can’t argue with you there.

    Overall, it’s been a good experience for me, but you’re right–if you’re not motivated, fuck it.

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