My Maiden Voyage

My husband and I have this thing. We love each other like crazy and know we are both borderline geniuses. So it’s hard for us to teach each other things. He couldn’t help me when we went skiing. I can’t help explain him anything I know. So we get out on this sailboat, and cords and sails are whipping around – and  apparently I was supposed to know (never having even seen a sailboat in action before) that I was in charge of some of them.

Once we figured out a system though, we were sailing. Like professionals. Like a team. Like we should get endorsements. Apparently all the big fancy boats look out for the little boats assuming those people are learning and don’t know the rules of the open water, but man did we impress them. I had to learn when we had right of way, all the names of things, and that I wasn’t just ‘flipping the front sail-thingy’.

Now that I’ve passed the first test, we get to go out on way fancier boats, which the great guys at the club MK belongs to let us check out. Some of them are nicer than our apartment…

Here are some pictures. I’m most proud of this one of me – I jumped out and parked the thing. WooHoo!

me paking boat


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