SXSW 2008 – Day Five

You realize, at least now that I’m letting you know, that we’ve made it to the weekend here. Last night wasn’t a late late night. But we slept plenty. After failure to get a cab again, we had to play the sister card for a ride. We got downtown and ate at a place we all know too well. From across the street we could here Panther and White Denim at the Mess With Texas Party in Waterloo Park.

KD and I were overwhelmed with options today. JC was at one party, LC another. But we felt a little nostalgic and decided that since we hadn’t visited Beauty Bar all week, that we would head over there for the Rachael Ray (yes, that one) showcase. We made it in relatively easily. In the pictures, that’s all food you see. It never ran out. We assumed there wouldn’t be any, which is why we ate first. So I can’t tell you what it was. I can tell you the Sparks was cold and we enjoyed Scissors for Lefty, The Stills, and Holy F@*k, who were even better than last year. We did see Efren Ramirez and Rachael Ray. We made friends, found out the mojito-y flavored things were free, and caught a nice little buzz.


Holy F*^k

I took a ton of pictures and had a ton taken of me, due mostly to the gorgeous dress KD let me borrow. We made our way back to Waterloo for the night show. We saw Gil Mantera’s Party Dream, a little of the Yeasayers, Black Mountain, Islands, and The Breeders. Being not what we expected (a little too much of a downer), some of the crowd shifted to NOFX, while KD and I checked out Simian Mobile Disco and partied a little (that means I drank a lot of Tecate). JC and I made the sxsw-a-list. (It looks cute, but we were totally talking crap about something.) It was a pretty full afternoon.

So full, in fact, I’m dedicating a whole separate post to the hilariousness that ensued.

Last Year: SXSW 2007 Night Five

And the link to the whole set of pictures again here.


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