SXSW Edumacation

Last year, I posted this hilarious list as my post SXSW wrap up . It held true this year as well. In addition, in Vice style, I’ll show you my personal Dos and Don’ts. We’re getting pretty good at this, my friends and I. I mean, we managed this with me as a quasi non local this time around. Add yours in the comments if I missed some…


  • Bring more band aids. Those blisters aren’t battle scars you can brag about.
  • Wear almost whatever you want. Everyone else is going to. Just don’t expect to ever get it really clean again.
  • Act like a rock star. Why not?
  • Buy the biggest sunglasses you can find. It’ll be your little secret how wasted you are.
  • Announce “That would make a good band name” any time it applies. Never gets old.
  • Tell everyone that hasn’t been to SXSW that you can’t really explain it. They wouldn’t understand.
  • Force everyone you know to listen to the new music you discovered. It’s your duty.
  • Create more options than you have. Make your own party.


  • Listen to the radio for at least two weeks. It will only disappoint.
  • Wear Palestinian head scarves around your neck. I’m sorry, that one doesn’t cut it.
  • Make excuses for the post SXSW week depression. It’s yours to own.
  • Eat anything healthy for a week, or try to work out. Your body won’t be ready.
  • Try to talk about Vampire Weekend. You’re already too late.
  • Go see any bands with raccoon tails in their pants. Or no pants. Just trust this one.
  • Tell people you’ll write about it daily on your blog. You won’t.
  • Forget to reserve this week next year: SXSW March 13 – 22, 2009. Until then…


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