SXSW 2008 – Night Three

Today I got off to a lazy start. When I finally did get out, I walked right into the Dell/Stereogum Lounge to meet JC and see Nada Surf. They played some new songs and ended up taking requests. They’re a SXSW staple.

After lunch we headed to Emo’s, this year’s default, and watched The Shout Out Louds, Tokyo Police Club, and Tapes N Tapes. We went inside in between to catch Eugene Mirman and Todd Barry. We had more Sparks, got the best koozie ever (no, really, that Sparks koozie made my WEEK) and made new friends. It was a perfect day show. MB took me to see where sharks hang out. As unbelievably cute as I looked, after walking to two different far away places, I couldn’t feel my feet. Apparently even comfy boots can become unbearable. We discovering that JP lived one block from where we were we took a little break before heading to Pure Volume, which wasn’t serving drinks in the between hours (boo).

So then we were off to the AMLI, where there was a garage party on the roof of the parking lot and up into the pool area. I think it was called Sink or Swim. Pool area was the good part, what with the stage and the more free alcohol choices than downstairs (Keystone and Dewars) and got some beers and took a seat. Here’s the link to MB’s pics, the ones with her in the fire pit were from that party.

Upon recovering flip flops from best friend for-super-ever, we were shocked to learn that the party DID NOT have a boot check, and the pool area was full. We left after catching AA Bondy again. We headed back to Pure Volume, along the way I considered donating my boots to a stranger, but instead dropped them off at JP’s and rested content talking to some band I’d never heard of, drinking free vodka/red bulls (3) and taking goofy pictures. We listened to some unidentified music and called it an early night around 2.

Fave Pic:

sink or swim sxsw

Link to them all in case you missed it is here.

Compare to last year’s post, SXSW 2007 Night Three, here.


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