SXSW 2008 – Night Four

Really, this could be called day 20. Day 4 is typically when things start blurring (if they haven’t already). You don’t know what time it is, where you are, if you’ve eaten, how much you’ve had to drink. You see a pink Scion with “Motorhead” written across it, you think, “Huh. Wonder who drives that. Think they paid for it? That doesn’t seem appropriate…”

The cabs sucked this year. I was stuck at the house until KD came to get me, and get us a ride out. It was okay, however, since I was stumbling through the house trying to get ready. It was one of those mornings (afternoons, fine). The two little Red Bull/Vodkas that I had at Pure Volume last night trashed me somehow, maybe I forgot to eat.
It’s shocking, I know – we went to Emo’s. Good things happen when you’re not in a hurry. There was no line. There was ice cold Sparks, Version 7.0. There was (free!) ice cream. We got to see the Yeasayers. They talked about their hair, which was then all I could concentrate on for the whole set. I must have been in the sun (it was 90 degrees!) too much, as I was giving them imaginary new hairdos. Especially the lead singer.

I’ve mentioned before that my lack of employment makes it hard for me to socialize. I basically only feel comfortable around myself and old friends, or when I’m talking about myself. But I wanted to get a picture for y’all, so when I went up to Aziz Ansari, I’m pretty sure I said something like “Would you do me the giant favor of taking a nerd picture with me? It’s not for a blog. Well, it is. You like blogs. It’s viral marketing. Like, are you blogging right now on your phone? I’ll shut up.” Or it might have been a completely different conversation, I was all hopped up on Sparks. Whatever it was, it was bad. And I did say “giant” more than once. Ouch. That is what I got:

Anyway, we wandered over to the Mohawk and caught the end of British Sea Power. My band-aid covered blisters weren’t handling it well, so I took a dinner break with WB and completely lost my note taking ability. I’m pretty sure we went back to the garage roof top party place, even though it was a different party. They weren’t serving drinks again yet, but guess who we ran into…AM. New plan.

I don’t know what the whole deal was, if it was a rule or a middle of the day shift change, but I sure hope someone gets the memo and hosts an open bar from 4-9, when you can’t find anything to drink. It was kind of a pain every day. Everybody getting down there from work can’t get started (catch up with the rest of us).

We went to Apple Bar. I want to keep this as polite as possible, since it’s hard to talk crap about things you don’t understand. However, when we arrived whatever was going on was so painful I thought my beer bottle might smash, and my ears were bleeding. There were two guys, one with a Guitar Hero set up, one with a record set up, maxing out every hook up to every speaker. Just as painful was the larger-than-life dance duo. It was surreal. That’s all I can say about that. For now. So the good news is, anything sounds good after that. Even with some initial trouble getting the PA to quit cracking, we got to see Round Two of Honey Claws.

We all headed back to the Roof Party and got some drinks. The fire marshal shut down the pool (ouch) and we hung out downstairs. I went to see some friends at Gingerman while everyone hung out and saw Diplo and Spank Rock. It happens. We ran to Whisky Bar for last drink and called it a night.

Compare to last year: SXSW 2007 Night Four

And link to the whole set of pictures again here.


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