SXSW 2008 – Night Two

Man SXSW keeps making me hungry. It’s a good thing I have friends that take me out for food, let me charge my phone, and drop me off at bars. I’m spoiled. I got to Creekside a little after noon and got to see our friend’s showcase, featuring AA Bondy, Catfish Haven, Goes Cube, and of course The Midgetmen. The heat of the sun made the (free!) PBR go down smooth, and made me happy to score a (free!) koozie to keep the PBR cold. The lineup was great and the day started well. We headed over to Emo’s and if my notes are correct (I’m giving that 50/50) we saw The Hard Lessons, Last Vegas, and Why?. Okay, in my notes that looks like 5 different shows. I did my best. Why? was good. That was in the notes…

Someone you know got a little too hammered, so KD and I took him to Roaring Fork for a burger. It wasn’t enough.

He went off to die for the day and KD and I went home for a timeout since there wasn’t a late day party. The burgers turned out to not be a good idea for us girls either, and it took us a little longer than normal for LC to drag us up and out. This should help you understand a couple things, for starters: This go round is tougher than before. A stomach ache? We don’t have time for that! Too drunk? It’s day two! Blisters? But I don’t want to wear flip flops!

Also, my posts are all late because we rocked it so hard. We waited in line for Pure Volume, last year’s fail safe. This year, it was more complicated, But we did run in to AM, also known as New Fail Safe. After one free drink, he took us to see the band he’d worked with, Honey Claws. In addition to being nothing like I expected, they were good. Enter more free drinks, back to normal. We’re powering through.

Compare to last year: SXSW 2007 Night Two

Also of note: I just threw up all the pictures in one album, you should be able to figure out which ones go in this post, they are in order…here. There are 200+ pictures, you’d better enjoy.


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