SXSW 2008 – Night One

So there’s these bands. And I fly in Tuesday, get picked up, and head out to Emo’s to see them. Portugal the Man, everyone’s been buzzing about. And White Denim, well, they’re from Austin. But I’m not biased when I let you know that I haven’t seen three guys make that much good loud noise in well, ever. They might be one of the elusive “it” bands that things go very well for, and soon. Playing two shows a day for the whole week might help.

I liked starting with Sparks. I liked reuniting with all the greatest friends in the world. I was impatient the whole flight, and have yet to decide what the real difference about flying in and not living here, but felling and acting like I still do. I could use some cough drops. And some breakfast tacos. That will wait until the weekend. I have music to see.



Compare to last year: SXSW 2007 Night One


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