Not Again

This won’t happen again, but since I did it here, I have to be fair. Some interesting birthdays:

February 4 Birthdays:
Alice Cooper – February/04/1948
Charles Lindbergh – February/04/1902
Clint Black – February/04/1962
Dan Quayle – February/04/1947
David Brenner – February/04/1945
Gavin DeGraw – February/04/1977
George A. Romero – February/04/1940
Lawrence Taylor – February/04/1959
Michael Beck – February/04/1949
Natalie Imbruglia – February/04/1975
Oscar De La Hoya – February/04/1973
Rosa Parks – February/04/1913

Just a guess, but I bet Dad likes the first one the best. Happy Birthday.


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