I Love Austin

So super happy to be back for another week of music, fun, sun, and friends! We’ve already seen some great music this week. Every time I come back I feel full and blessed – I have great friends! I have an awesome husband that sends me out here, and I have a little bit of good luck to find a great place to be and great opportunities to see shows.

Austin is such a beautiful and amazing city. The weather is great. Downtown is something else with so many people, and SXSW seems to have really expanded and managed that expansion well.

LC is keeping a journal for us this year, and JC’s pictures are coming out so much better than mine that I’m going to hold out on telling you all about my days until I can cheat and steal their info and pictures.


3 thoughts on “I Love Austin

  1. 80 here in San Diego. went to the green flash for breakfast, had bloody marys. I bought some flippy floppies, then cruised up to La Jolla for the sights. now on to Carlsbad for a party on the beach. but yeah, I guess Austin is nice.

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