On Skiing

Total, after this week, I have skied six or seven days in three places (Steamboat, Breckenridge, Park City) all in the last 5 years. I am therefore what you would consider an expert. So here’s a few observations I made:

  • Falling is fun. It is rather hilarious to fall in snow. As long as you’re careful, you’re unlikely to get hurt. I managed to make it into a couple pretty great snow piles. For some reason, this makes me laugh so hard I forget about the achy legs. Everyone else seems to get a kick out of it too.
  • Skiers are cute. There is some strong correlation between knowing how (or at least attempting) to get down a mountain and being gorgeous. Maybe it’s the physical ability required, maybe Chapstick has a secret ingredient. Either way, I’m sold.
  • Utah > Colorado. I know that you might think I’m limited on experience, but I am sure Utah could beat up Colorado, make fun of its Dad, and take its lunch money. Often.
  • Kids ski better. If I ever do accidentally get preggers, those little rats are getting tossed down the mountain before they can say ‘black diamond’. It’s easier when you can’t see past the end of your skis to not be afraid of falling down the whole run. I wish I hadn’t waited 23 years to learn.
  • Achievement is funny. You know when you’ve turned in to a skier? When you have to look out for the slow ones, instead of being one of them!


Honorable Observation Mentionables: Nothing tastes as good after skiing as beer. Except for beer and homemade chili, or beer and homemade chicken legs. Or beer and spaghetti. The night of just beer wasn’t bad either…


13 thoughts on “On Skiing

  1. I have finally “mastered the art of snowboarding”, as of this past Saturday…more or less. I’m just saying I can totally relate. It took me 3 good years of doin’ it, too. And YES, food tastes better after a long day on the slopes.

  2. hey ck, glad you had fun on your ski trip! I was down in Ruidoso, NM falling on my butt, face, head, trying to learn to snowboard. I did have to watch out for slower snowboarders, but I’m not sure if its because I was good, or I couldn’t control the darn thing and slow down! Beer + BBQ baby back ribs was my fav after snowboarding.

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  4. You can interview me after my trip to Utah, and I will judge CO v. UT. I won’t ski, so you better take me somewhere that snowboarding is allowed!

  5. This has always been one of my favorite posts. I love being a grown ass woman learning something so new and being amazed by it every season! Can’t WAIT for you to come out and visit!!

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