Nerd Workout

For 3$, I decided it was worth the investment to purchase and attempt a second hand “Power Half Hour” workout DVD. I’m pretty skeptical of things like these. Would it work? Would I be too embarrassed?

I did have to kick MK out of the house in order to get myself worked up enough to attempt the workout. I felt a little too Jane Fonda, and was bummed I didn’t have any spandex tights. That would complete the cliché.

So here I am, three whole days later, letting you know I still can’t walk properly. I got through the whole workout (barely) and went on with the rest of my day. Then I couldn’t walk. For two whole days. I think it worked. Then I found out it was the p90x guy. He’s a big cheeseball, but easy on the eyes.
Lesson learned: It’s worth shutting the blinds and watching a TV trainer for 30 minutes. Changing up your routine is good, and this is one way I bet you haven’t.

power workout dvd


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