Common Goals

Recently at a party, MK was telling the story of his old roommate, the sweetest guy ever. He was independently wealthy and a college student for life. Well, MK’s going on and mentions our favorite fact about the guy, “His goals in life were to try to amass every college credit there, and to find the perfect third ingredient for Mac and Cheese.” This always make me laugh, since there’s a nice little dichotomy between those things.

Apparently, it’s not as outrageous as I thought. Party-goers all began shouting their most obvious answers.

“Hot dogs!”
“Hot Wings!”
“I like carrots.”
“Lemon Pepper, totally!”

I couldn’t breathe, stuck in that silent laugh I get when I’m totally shocked. So, I learned that many more people have tried this than I imagined.


Some Start A Conversation! Do it! I dare you!

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