Keeps Getting Better

Thursday was my all time most exciting day. I like record breaking, even if it’s only my own records, it’s a great sense of accomplishment. I mean, I wanted to call everyone I knew. You’re welcome that I didn’t.

I ran 10 miles.

I’ve never done more than 5 that I can remember, I get too hot or tired. At the 8 mile point my knees did hurt a little, but other than that, I made it. I couldn’t believe I really did it. True, my run was almost a crawl at the end. True, I downed a 100 giant bottles of water and was wiped out the rest of the day. But I ran 4 more miles Friday, and I’m shooting for 6 today. If I finish strong all weekend, that’s like a little week of a marathon for me.

It’s basically blowing my mind. I couldn’t even run one mile. Ever. I never thought this would be me. It’s awesome to see the change I’ve made.




6 thoughts on “Keeps Getting Better

  1. Skewbie – I want the Run thing you’ve got going on your blog. But I’m anti Apple. Rumor has it I can stick the thing ON my shoe??

    TB – Ugh, so not blonde. And not sure about the beach, I’m hearing it’s intimidating.

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