Bite Of Seattle: It Bites!

That isn’t really the tagline, of course. I think it should be. The paper and friends were abuzz with this thing. I swear to you, they said 450,000 people go over the two days. We even saw a friend walking down the street headed there, who urged us to get there asap. We had been ambivalent but decided to see what the deal was. The second day we headed over early to not have to fight the masses.

What does it sound like to you? Good food? Gourmet perhaps? Free samples? Tasty treats to help you learn about the city? That’s what we thought. None of the above. It was really another street fair, with the same soy candle and sarong stands you see at those sort of things.

And fair food.

We were shocked. It was the same garbage as every other place, with the exception of Serious Pie, the VIP pizza place we’ve enjoyed. So we wandered for maybe 45 minutes – it was big – got some free Mentos, and walked back home laughing. Every morsel there, no of which were free, was probably the future cause of someone’s heart attack. MK noted how he doesn’t understand why we wonder where obesity comes from. Everyone was pigging out like there was no tomorrow. Junk food everywhere. Rows and rows. Just not for us.

fair food


4 thoughts on “Bite Of Seattle: It Bites!

  1. Ewww. I know how you feel on this one.

    I live a couple blocks away from a similarly popular fast food place. There are always vast line ups. Right across the street, there is a little Vietnamese place that is comfy, reasonably healthy, and cheaper. The Vietnamese place is rarely full. The whole thing bothers me. In a way though, it is heartening to learn that my city isn’t the only city filled with morons.

  2. I thought Seattle (and the PNW generally) was one of the healthiest places in the country… am I making that up?

    I’ve also never understood the appeal of fair-food– you know, deep-fried oreos and milky way bars. *Heave* And you KNOW me. No personal grudges against saturated fat here.

    P.S.~ MISS YOU! Sorry I’ve been absent for so long!

  3. Hey there. First, thanks for viewing my blog and for the compliment, its greatly appreciated!
    Next, I know exactly what you’re talking about. I’m pretty far from you here in NC, but we have the “Taste of Charlotte” and I’d never been before this year. I was expecting the same thing.. WRONG! Just as you described, it was lots of people, walking around stuffing their faces, lol.
    anyways, love the blog, I’m adding you to my fav’s, and i’ll be keeping up with it and commenting!

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