Why I’m Grouchy

Last week’s rain was fortunate, really. I wasn’t going to leave the house anyway, and that gave me a better excuse.

Than what, you ask? Well, I went to get my hair done (with the guy I like who only dyes, no cuts) and against my better judgment let the lady try for a repeat of the great cut I got right before I left Austin. Unfortunately, when I said “heavily texturized”, she must have heard “as ugly and crappy as possibly, put a bunch of messed up uneven layers that will be impossible to style and harder to look at”. Huh.

I mostly resemble this chick,

cheryl burke


from Dancing with the D-elebrities, no offense if you love her, but she has some bad hair. And so do I. I’ll be in ponytails for another month, ugh.

2 thoughts on “Why I’m Grouchy

  1. Hmm. I tried posting a comment and it didn’t work. Here’s what I think I said:

    My sympathies.

    I have a theory on how to deal with hair: ignore it and it will go away.

    My theory has worked for me. It might not work so well for you.

    I forgot what else I said. Sorry.

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