The San Juan Island Trip

Monday night I went out. Against my better half’s wishes. Teehee, I’ll be fine, it’s just girls night, I thought. But even though I refrained from going crazy, and MW had me home and ready for bed by 10, I had the hardest time in the universe getting up at 4am. But I made it, somehow, to the car, and promptly fell back asleep. An hour and a half later, I somehow made it from the car to the upper deck of the ferry, and fell asleep for another hour and a half. But MK took pictures. So you see more than I did.

Here are the pictures.

At 8am, we’re in a mausoleum. Huh?

THE MAUSOLEUM(scroll halfway down for story).

We drove a bit and stopped in Roche Harbor. I think it was beautiful, but since I was already in trouble for being so sleepy, my nose decided to bleed profusely for an hour just to please my husband. I missed a little of that too.

Real sign from the trip:

Moving right along, we go to various spots around the coast of the island to see the views, and hike. We stop at the viewpoint where you see orca whales. We’re too impatient. We called it good at ‘eagle’. MK got a great pic of it. We drove back through a few more stops and a lavender farm, which was all the island, and we headed back to port, Friday Harbor.

The little town was busy busy, most likely with tourists ready to go back where ever they came from. It was just that kind of an island. Done by two, ferry at six…unless you waited 4 hours for the whales.

The only thing to do in town, and the thing we were the only people NOT doing, is eat ice cream. We looked at the boats and wandered as slow as possible to kill time before the ferry, weaving in and out of stores and treacherous ice cream dangling children. And adults. I don’t even like ice cream and was really nervous that it was mandatory and we might receive a fine if we weren’t careful…

The ferry had cars pull in backwards, which I thought was neat since I couldn’t have done it.


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