Independence Day Revelry

The 4th of July here was undoubtedly the best weather we’ve seen in Seattle to date. It was pretty, clear, and the warmest day yet, high 80s. The night before we’d purchased a full days worth of roof food. We went for a walk in the morning. Around noon we headed up to grill our turkey burgers, expecting a full roof of people intent on remaining in the sun until 10pm. There were maybe 5 people. We brought up chairs with which to steal the best spot, and cooked and ate. I got some great sun hours. We visited with friends and shared beers and stories. Good times.

Running up and down for refills and breaks from the heat got harder and harder as the day went on, and numerous people I’ve never seen, don’t think actually lived here, and can’t determine where they all could have parked started to show up. In addition, South Lake Union got busier and busier too, filling up with boats. We could also just barely make out the people filling up Gas Works Park across the water, which you can see getting packed in the photos across the water.

Burnt and burnt out, MK and I took a breather around 6 and checked out some tv and some snooze time. Revived and hungry again, we managed just barely to find room on the grill for some chicken and eat on our laps. Somebody paid a DJ to show up, and fill the air with house music, which would have been fun if he were not terrible. It was novel, at least.

And then, the fireworks. You can also see in the photos the Space Needle. On the left is Puget Sound, where the first set of fireworks began. Then a helicopter circled Lake Union with a giant American Flag, and the main fireworks display there began.

Here are the pictures.


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