Pho Bac

There’s been some drama with me trying to eat at Pho Bac, since every time I’ve gone, it’s never been open. Granted maybe I shouldn’t go super late, or super super late, or on Monday. Everything around here seems to be closed on Mondays, I should know better. MK hates Pho, and so I was looking forward to taking RD, but that didn’t work out (super late). Today, the MIL left town via bus, and it just so happens Pho Bac is located, one block away from me, in the Greyhound Bus Terminal. I can’t explain that one for you…

Anyway, I took some spring rolls and pho to go, and am still living in bliss, with a giant tummy full of warm yummy noodle soup. It IS the best in Seattle, and I am one happy camper. Worth the wait.


The place was completely full, every table and a line for to go pickup as well, and since MK is out of town for the weekend, if you can’t find me, this might be where I am!


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