Black Is The New Black

Fine, fine. I admit, finally that my wardrobe here in Seattle is a little drab. I’ve had to bring most of my fall and winter attire, in muted autumn hues, since it’s not 100 degrees and I can’t walk around in my half nekkid Austin summer type apparel. Also, my shopping here has been all about black, white, and black and white. AC let me know I needed to spice it up, but I didn’t see much while everyone was in town.

We ventured out rather successfully yesterday, where I scored some corals and yellows. Yay. I also found two perfect totes, as I have learned that big actual purses attract shady people, yet small bags do not hold books, mp3 players, sweaters, and whatever you buy at the Market on the way home. So, spring pastels just in time for summer. I’m always a step behind!



One thought on “Black Is The New Black

  1. I’M SO PROUD OF YOU! I think of you everytime I go to work because I see so many things that would go with what you workin with. 🙂 Now, all you have to do is move back so we can be BFF.

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