28 Weeks Later

Man, do I love zombie movies. I think I have seen a million. It started when I used to wait tables in college, there was a group that would get together and watch super old school ones. Often. Those were typically funny to me, and for the most part so are new ones, but I always jump at least once if the film’s good.

when zombies attack

For whatever reason, zombie movies are the only movies at which I allow myself popcorn. MK and I went and saw 28 Weeks Later, the sequel to 28 Days Later. I don’t think I can remember liking a sequel more than its predecessor ever, but this movie ruled. We went and saw it at Cinerama, a downtown theater that Paul Allen bought to save from being demolished.

Today, as the world realizes the importance of the Cinerama art form in motion picture history, serious efforts are being made to ensure that a whole new generation of movie buffs will be able to experience the magic of Cinerama. Currently, there are three places in the world still capable of showing three-panel Cinerama films: Seattle’s Cinerama Theatre, the Cinerama Dome at ArcLight Cinemas in Los Angeles, and a screening room in a museum in Bradford, England.

The experience itself was a ton of fun, and again, even if you don’t like zombie movies, you should go check this one out, it’s fantastic. The action is super fast paced, there’s tons of blood and guts and stupid choices that people make when faced with zombies. Those three factors are my only three, so the movie certainly measures up!

28 weeks later


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